Thursday, January 5, 2017

A new beginning

Assalamualaikum minna!

Happy new year guys..Guess what?
I'll be getting 30 years old soon this year.Hahaha..What a remarkable journey through all those years.Ups and downs.'Happiness' and 'upset' consistently pass by and sometime park there for a quite of time for a really good life lesson.It did turn up to be a new point of view for me.A new perspective.Allah's miracle.

And each days as long as I remember,lead me to today.A day I can pour everything from my little heart.Thank you so much ya Allah,for all those days.Days that I cannot walk back to.

How can I count the blessing that been gave by Allah,the source of all blessing.
My family,the smiles,the good-heart people,the fortunate life,the smell of roses,a good eye sight and so and so and so..countless thingy..I'm really been blessed.I do have a lot of troubles,and they were just all over.They finished.And I'm back to the good track,with lesson adapt from those sad moments.It is all were just so intact,so powerful that lead me to be quite a strong-will,strong mental women in sha Allah.Allah's plan.Allah had done it in His ways.Only Him knows better.

It is normal for person like ourselves to be weak,to surrender at any moment that really hurt us.Being upset,being stupid and so.But Allah.He never leave us.On what any consequences in our life,He always heard me.And then we repent,keep repent and we improve.Once the heart been mended by Him,we grow into something new,something good.Allahu,the truest thing from Quran is always happening,if we believe,

This year,is a year for me to be into new phase of life.Be someone's zaujah.Be able to do my best service that deserve Jannah,together with him.

Allah had promised me that Jannah will not come easy,so I need to really prepare on this.Trial and blessing are a best friend though.Thus,I need to be much much much better for my sweet blessing,that might be trial sometimes,however I'll tackles that wisely to attain my only one goal,Jannatul firdausi.

Minna-san,please pray for me.Obtaining such a blessing hopefully lead me towards Allah more and of course that one enemy will challenge me greater,and I'm in no intention to let them win over me.Hihi

For zauj,thank  you.

Minna,ki o tsukete daiyo..Akemashite omedeto!