Saturday, August 22, 2015


Assalamualaikum wbt..
Minna-san,ogenkidesuka?Daijobu desuka?

Mainly speaking,I was a bit in dark sometimes.Which mean I forgot many things.Many memories.They're fading.They're leaving me.And who am I to stop them from going.Allah had put it on the Qadar',wallahu'alam.

Upon checking on the old books and thingy under the bed,found out several of them that really bring back memories.I wonder how long it been under there alone without any touch of human.I love them some times ago.They accompany me on my thick and thin of student life.They're precious on that time.Would like to share them here before it been fading again.As you know,life and the routine sometimes let us only focus on the current work to be done,the priority of job,the to-do list etcetera...

I am a person that really love all the small things that I see.The happiness upon quite a paragraph of words,a joke that might bring a loud laugh,a smile that happen when the eyes were meet and a smell from a beautiful rose.They're the nikmah (blessing) from Allah to His slave as dunya is a place that contained His blessing and love.

As I remember,being a nomad primary school' student,there a lot of memories skipping as I was attended on three different schools.Other pupils find me a bit introvert and shy.But actually I was daydream a lot,as I love music until I managed to had a lyrics notebooks on all my favorite song and included my own composed song.That was a comeback memories as I found the lyric book..hahaha..natsukashi na

There were many more that been discovered.Quotes,phrases,advises all been kept as it like a taboo to trash them all.However,I believe that nothing is permanent in life.Some of it have to be permanently kept inside the heart for me to ponder on this life journey.After all this years,I will tell for sure that I'm fully blessed on all the ups and downs that been past me as all were a memories..a good memories and lessons anyway..Thank you Allah for such a wonderful memories and life.And future behold,will be something that I excitedly waited on.

Jaa ne minna-san.Yonde kurete arigato-na

Sunday, March 1, 2015

I'm still here

Assalamualaikum minna!
Ogenki desuka?watashiwa genkinai desu..but I will be doing okay and fine,as Allah had stated on one of His qalam:
"And We removed from you your burden.which had weighed upon your back. And raised high for you your repute.for indeed,with hardship will be ease.indeed,with hardship will be when you have finished your duties, then stand up for worship. And to your Lord direct your longing." (Surah al-insyirah,surah 94,ayah 2-8)

Equation of pains,problems, troubles and tribulations are all should be look back at your soul.It possibly the outcomes of your dried souls due to the sins and ego that never ends. You have to correct it by yourself and be on state of tawakkal 'alallah..(actually, the paragraph is an advise for me in the first place)

World is a place of diminished state.World is the lowest place,and its only up from here.Thus don't look world as the only aims and goals,because our concern only come in Akhirah alone.

I'm sorry for being shut down for a long moment, quite shameful of me to complained on 'don't have enough time' as all the best daie also been allocated the same 24 hours as mine.Regret to admit here that I'd been lazy to do what I'm love to do.Might be I had lost the passion.Might be daily routines had distracted be so much. Might be..

I love to write. I love to pour down all that was kept in my mind.I love for sharing the good words,and not even care if no one reading, but I do care if I can help to calm and change any souls.May my simple contribution can make world a better place to live,by Allah's will.

Yonde kurete o tsukete kusadai.ja!