Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Islam for all..Muzukashi nee

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Minnasan,konichiwa..o=)Daijobu deskayo?Ano,hisashiburi ne..erm..Through out the pages of 2009,it come to an end with an issue of Allah's name used by Catholic Newspaper in Malaysia..

What say you??

Now,in the beginning of 2010,the issue seems more remarkable to the citizens..Let see what the Ulama' says....

Kota Bharu,3 Jan - PAS spiritual leader,Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat
has come out in support of the Catholic weekly Herald use of 'Allah' to
describe the Christian god in the national language,saying it was permissible for those following the Abrahamic faith.

But the popular cleric expressed worry that the word 'Allah'
could be abused by certain quarters,echoing growing sentiment of Muslim
Malaysians aghast at the Dec 31 High Court ruling that permitted its use.

"Its just a fear it can be abused.That's the worry,"the Kelantan
Menteri Besar said today when commenting on the landmark ruling.

Justice Datuk Lau Bee Lan said in her oral judgment that the
Herald had a constitutional right to use the word,touching off a controversy that had ledsome Muslim group to protest the ruling.

The government had said it will appeal against the ruling.A
group has already started a Facebook group to get the government to reverse the ruling.

However,others including influential clerics and former Perlis
Mufti Dr Asri Zainal Abidin,have supported the ruling,saying all are encourages to follow Allah.

Speaking to reporters after launching the state Women,Family and
Health Development Secretariat,Nik Aziz said the authorities,such as
scholars,should have a dialogue with the Christian clergy over the issue.

"This is so that there is no confusion among the society."

"In fact,Islamic philosophy itself can be spread through such events,"he added.

The PAS Kelantan Council of Religious Scholars chief Datuk Mohammad Daud Iraqi declined to comment on the issue.

Instead,he said it was weaknesses in the government in monitoring the issue that has to led controversy.

"This is not a new issue,it has gone on so long.The government
should have looked specifically into the laws earlier on,"he added.

My opinion - I'm not very sure.Huhu

It is because I had attended Comparative Religion Classes by Brother Shah Kirit in ISS and i had some knowledge about the issue.That's why i quite interest and follow
the issue above..Allah is for all,and Islam also for all..Muslim has to share the deen with others,not leave them and fight against them..The non-Muslims have the right to seek the truth..In addition,I prefer everyone to learn about christianity as well because if we want to ask them to join our deen,we must know the step and method to do so..for more info,visit this site
On the other side,after analyse other great thinker and mastermind, i found out one thing..quite possible,about the 'double meaning of Allah's word' and authentication of the reason they used high court instead of Vatican City. Any opinions??

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