Friday, May 6, 2011

Learn from nature..すばらし ね。。

Assalamualaikum wbt...
Minna,ogenkidesuka??Nowadays,I am rehearsing one book by a very well-known author in Malaysia.He is Ustadz Pahrol Mohd Juoi.I am really passionate to spread the content inside the book to you all.I'm not exaggerating but it really mind blowing..awesome in simple way.Presenting~ Nota Fikir untuk Zikir (Translate to : The thinking notes lead to Zikir)

The contents just packed with wisdom (hikmah) that he describe from our old tales that we might assume that's all just fairy tales but it had a very deep wisdom indeed.Subhanallah..And the very touching part is when he describe Nature as our greatest teacher.Nature is one ultimate creation by God and nature always speak to mankind about the powerful and supreme power of Allah.But mankind just appraise at the blessing in physical form,but not praise the supreme power that sustain the blessing.It is Allah,the one god.The most supreme and the Sustainer.

This book discover to us example of few creation in nature that actually had show mankind the true miracles above had sent.Just in simple and small creature had a big responsibility to tend,though we see it just as low and unimportant it is.Exactly,I'm just realize the miracles beneath it.MasyaAllah..Subhanallah..Allahuakbar..

Point to ponder : Open your mind,see with your heart,and let the zikir recite every time you feel amazed~~すごい!!
  1. Fish in the ocean
  2. Behind the creation of tree
  3. Water,the vital element of nature
  4. Learn community life from bee
  5. The river flow just like the time flow
  6. Focus on your strength ,like the lizard
  7. Learn to be grateful from watermelon
  8. Negative visual from thatch
  9. Banana never grow the second times
  10. Why ocean salty??
  11. Behind the creation of camel
  12. Learn to be low profile from paddy
  13. Learn from Grass
  14. Look at the heaven,and remember God
  15. Eagle and the flying school

I'll continue soon to define each topic..see you soon..Wassalam=)

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