Wednesday, August 12, 2009



Assalamualaikum wbt..
ohayo'gozaimas minnasan,recently i'm feeling a bit distracted by my health problem.maybe its among the sign of hubbud-dunya behaviour inside me.astagfirullah..cannot stand any tarbiyah by Allah i keep muhasabah myself,recorrect my mistakes and recover my spirit.

"Ya Allah,forgive myself Ya Rabb.make my heart steadfast on Your straight path.bring me peace in mind to end the journey of read,recite and proclaim succcessfully.Help me to complete my mission Ya Allah.Ameen"

I always ask Allah to give me peace of mind because i'm used to feel mentally sick.This determination to be peaceful means that i must always think well of myself and others,and not to think negative or critical thoughts.

If my actions are good,if i'm able to act out of my selfless motive,then my mind will also be peaceful.A peaceful mind follows good actions because guilt and confusion are a part of the multitude of wasteful thoughts that follow wrong actions.

People may sometimes have feeling of jealousy,enmity or dislike for us,but if we maintain good wishes for them,and not react to their negativity,then their attitudes towards us are bound to change one day.It takes time and conscious effort.

Having a vision of good feelings in life,including a happy lifestyle,will automatically generate peaceful feelings.When the conscience is clean,there will be peace.So each one of us needs to research and understand our own inner truth.

My parting thought for reflection.The power of the mind,like the rays of the sun,dispels all negativity.the most importand thing is Allah is the solution for all.

Sepotong hadith, riwayat Imam Ahmad, "Sesungguhnya, di dalam tubuh manusia terdapat segumpal darah. Jika ia baik, baiklah seluruh kepribadiannya, jika ia rosak, rosaklah seluruh keperibadiannya. Ingatlah, segumpal darah itu adalah hati."

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