Monday, August 24, 2009

Very unique uslub dakwah(^-^)::Sugooi!!



Assalamualaikum wbt minnasan,ohayo gozaimasu!!

My heart jump joyfully when i discover this very particular site.MasyaÁllah,so-so-so-so good.I do not know about all of your opinion but for me,this is interesting and brilliant.I had been in Birmingham last2 month and I saw some of this magnificent wall graffiti but I do not had any slice idea about their graffiti tour around the globe..This is fascinating,a brainiac that work out a good method of spreading dakwah instead of formal or informal education about religion.This is new era of spreading words of Allah,make people read,recite and proclaim(rehearse) the message to all.


Green Street Graffiti Art & Poetry

Acclaimed graffiti artist and poet make art on London street-corner

Internationally acclaimed graffiti artist and South Bank Show Award winner, Mohammed Ali, will be creating his first London street-mural, sponsored by charity relief organisation Muslim Hands, on Green Street, Upton Park, East London on Saturday August 29th 2009.

Mohammed Ali -aka Aerosol Arabic- is known for his unique fusion of graffiti art and Islamic script with messages of peace, poverty, justice and brotherhood. Mohammed will create his message-based mural, which deals with issues relevant to the whole of humanity and to people of all faith, on the side of the Zam Zam Bookstore on the corner of Green Street and Harold Street.


While Mohammed paints the mural, various renowned poets will also perform throughout the day for the public.

Mohammed Ali has travelled across the globe and painted his thought-provoking murals as far afield as New York, Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, Toronto and Singapore. He has now teamed up with Muslim Hands, a UK based international relief organization, in creating murals across the UK.

Audiences will open their fast at dusk in unison on this busy London street corner. During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims around the world use this time for spiritual reflection while sacrificing ones desires such as eating and drinking.

Mohammed says of his forthcoming London mural,

"I've created conscious message-based murals around the globe, in many multicultural societies. Now it's time to come back home and deal with issues on my own doorstep, by using public-art as the new language for change, and there's no better time to do this, than during the month of Ramadan - a time of reflection and contemplation."

Anyone that had some time and desire to do good deed,I recommends you to attend this program.its only take half of your day,and who knows,the time at this program are counted by Allah more than your other ibadah perhaps.Only Allah knows.

Mohammed Ali had a heart of gold,believes and knows what he was doing very well.I thank to Allah for existence of this very worthy person,that had some knowledge and skill,and implements it in a right way,to convey Allah’s message to mankind.I pray to Allah for steadfastness and loyalty in this right path forever,may His Bless with us always.

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