Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm on 2/3 of Ramadhan already...


Assalamualaikum wbt to all.

Hope all of us were in His blessed and Inayah always.Anyway, 1/3 of Ramadhan we already passed,the deeds and ibadah will be counting by Him.So does we muhasabah(recorrect ourself,thinking) either our amal are accepted or rejected by our Lord?

My friend sent this picture to me yesterday.It's magnify the phrase
"Earn high reward with the Ramadhan High--way Code"
This is very nice.And brilliant.Direct and straight through the objective.Hope this illustrator is given 'pahala' by Allah for each whoever look and read and recite and rehearse this picture to all.

Ramadhan going so fast..and in a blink of eyes,i'm already on the 2nd phase of Ramadhan.As far as i'm concern,my memory of this Ramadhan seems lesser than last Ramadhan.Am i being on the lowest level of Iman now..Astagfirullah hal 'azim..

"Ya Rabb,forgive my sins,my parent's sins and all muslimin muslimat's sins.Make myself and all of us steadfast on Your straight path.Lets us redeem our Iman on Your holy month,Ya Allah.Rabbana Yassir wala tu assir.Save us Oh Allah,from our own nafs.Only You,Ya Allah,the supreme and magnificent.You know ourself best,Ya Allah.."

Salam Ramadhan Kareem to all friends,May we always strive the best for this Ramadhan.It's stil not to late.Rejoice yourself and follow the High-Way Code.....Jazakillahu khairan khatira..

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