Thursday, September 17, 2009

This Ramadhan,i meet HIS tarbiyah...

Assalamualaikum wbt.
My friends,i just paralyzed when the news came to me.
"Help please,there a couple of teenagers doing maksiat .."
Inside me,Oh no,its Ramadhan,Oh no,they're teenagers,Oh no,its my responsibility.What am i going to say to everyone??Arghhhh..

Astagfirullah al'azim..
I'm rushing into the place following my mate.Perhaps i'm actually do not have any guts feeling to be there,in that situation,that action,that kind of feeling.I'm just totally dumb.Speechless,knows nothing to say nor act.Ighfirli Ya Allah,Ighfirli.
There,i met them.The lost boy and girl.A teen muslim,comes from Muslim's family and learns Islamic Subject education.They come as my tarbiyah from Allah,need to be repair,demolish and reconstruct by me and my mate.Help us Ya Rabb,lead us to lead them..Not to be sad,this is tarbiyah..

Our youth,our generation to make this world a better place to live,our survivor to ongoing the mission of our deen,almost lost in their own world.This stigma are recognized as disconcerting and disappointing trend: youthful apathy.
Selfishness, self-centeredness, and almost total obliviousness to the world around them. And despite the self-absorption, there is still a lack of proper sense of self and strong identity.Either Deen or human identities.It can be understood, perhaps, in that these are formative years in which children and adolescents are struggling with a huge input of information from the world around them that they can't quite figure out what to do with. These years are recognized as the most difficult years for parents, and for the children too; but for Muslim parents struggling to raise their children upon Islam now, the problems are compounded.
And here,i met articles by Zainab binti Younus from al-Madinah Islamic Academy that had gathered all her knowledge and experience to perform a theory of the reasons as to why so many of our younger teens, even those who come from relatively practicing Muslim households, become utterly disinterested in Islam and get sucked into the kaafir lifestyle.From there, insha'Allah we can work harder towards bringing back our lost boys and girls to the straight path.Plus doa sincerely for them to change.

  1. It's All About You Concept by non-Muslim cultures that attract the kids,a lot of time and attention they receive in the joyous party and celebration that promotes individualism to an unhealthy extreme issue.That's where we need to start. We need to give our youth attention too, and indulge their narcissism... to a certain point. And above all, in a constructive way.
  2. Know Thyself,we must help them.Once they know themselves, once they're confident in themselves and have an idea of their own potential, of what they want to do with that potential, then they will be more solidly grounded and have a better foundation upon which to build their futures.Remember that soul-searching and personal development isn't something that can be over and done with in a few hours, a day, or even a couple weeks. It is in fact a life-long endeavor - but it is something which must be fostered from a young age, so that there is a solid sense of self that can be analyzed and improved upon constantly.
  3. Castles in the Air ...If you ask a five year old, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" you're likely to get a long list that includes astronaut, firefighter, teacher, or even farmer. Ask the same question to a young teen, and you're more likely to be answered with a blank expression or a muttered, "I dunno". Its a phenomenon of distinct lack of visions. We need to help our youth open their eyes and realize that there is more to themselves, and to life, than their shallow routine of chasing after the current fad. Teens have to realize that adolescence isn't playtime; it's the stepping-stone towards full-blown maturity and the rest of their lives. So what are they going to do with those lives?
    Here is where we need to foster and encourage life visions. What life visions do these youth have? Do they think they'll be able to achieve that 'ultimate end'? If so, how? If not, how come? How can they achieve those dreams of theirs?Let's encourage our youth to open their hearts, minds, and eyes, and make their imaginations go wild. Let them build castles in the air!With guidance please..
  4. Tools of the Trade ...Life visions are pretty big dreams and it can be easy to be discouraged about them. So, break the "big dream" into a series of smaller, practical long- and short-term goals that can be steadily achieved and implemented. Accomplishing each 'small' goal becomes a stepping stone towards the final vision. As Muslims, our goal is Jannah; reaching that destination, however, requires a lot of work in a lot of different areas and in a lot of different ways.Every goal of life is reached by utilizing skills and talents; discovering, developing, and strengthening them for maximum benefit. Now that our youth have an idea of what they want to do with their lives, they should also be able to recognize which skills they'll need to reach those goals. It's time for them to do a bit more soul-searching - or rather, talent-searching. What are their talents? What are they good at? What do they love to do? At this present time, how do they utilize those skills? How can they develop and improve these abilities? In the long term, how can they use these skill sets to reach their goals?
  5. Strong and Free ....In a nutshell, the above is part of what I perceive to be a rough guide/ method to dealing with the problem of lost, apathetic, confused Muslim teens who are sucked into a culture of shallowness, vanity, and selfishness. We have a group of kids who have so much potential, who could be the next great leaders of this Ummah, if only we could unplug them from all of this unnessessary thing.

She also said "We just need to guide them away from the distractions of this dunia and engage their hearts, minds, and souls... all we have to do is give them the time and attention that they crave, and that they need so that they may become the kind of glorious personalities they have the potential to be. It will be, and is, a long, hard road for parents, the youth, and those of us who have dedicated our lives for the sake of Allah to strengthen this Ummah; but insha'Allah the payoff in both this world and the Hereafter will be worth every agonizing moment of it."

I take a look at them.As my mad'u,i realize they just 'me' 7 years ago.Need to be educate,need attention and time to change.Allah knows best,all are upon His plan,and His plan are most ultimate superior.Taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum..


JujuMuffin said...

very nice post!
may Allah help you and guide you. and may your prayer be answered and your efforts 2 spread Islam bring you hasanat.
and eid mubarak

Iqra' Bookstop.. said...

thanks JujuMuffin,
may Allah also guide and bless you always.Taqabbalallahu minkum,eid Mubarak!!