Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nature disasters..

Assalamualaikum wbt..Minna,ogenkideska..watashi wa genki nai yo..Kinō watashi no mura wa, kōzui o e ta...FLOOD..masyaAllah,mendakusai..~huhu..but friends,you know what?I learned something,perspectively different..I taught about some disaster that might happen,more powerful and more hazardous,bringing more and more casualty..hmmm,nauzu' billah..

Yesterday,only flood..
What if landslide happen?

Attached by a powerful Richter scale earthquake?

And a gigantic tsunami wave?

Extensively massive hurricane?

Because of the hot weather,bushfire happen?

Following by a dangerous drought?

Assuming coming of a very unbelievable ashes storm and unbearable lightning?

Exceeding volcanic situation?

Unimaginable Ice storm and tornado freeze?

Am I thinking too hard?I don't know.Only Allah alone know what will happen..We as His creation,must had full faith on Him,and do not leave Him whatever happen to us..The faith=Islam,must be inside our soul yesterday,tomorrow,the day after tomorrow and forever..Do not ever leave Allah,because Allah never forget us,or ever leave us..If you cry,make it for the sake of Allah..Allah sends all the disaster to test who is the best believers among us..

Allah alone~the most powerful and merciful..You,the victims will see the wisdom(hikmah) of Allah behind all this natural disaster...

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