Friday, December 17, 2010

Self Correction Mode

Assalamualaikum wbt,something i would like to share,a point to ponder..praise Allah for what have you look,heard,feel,taste and thought..たすけて Allah、おなじ もの です。なるほど!!

I know you are there

Little bird,

Covered by rich green, talking to the tree

Yes, a talking tree!

I know you are hiding

Little ant,

Under the solid brown, listening to the song

Yes, the singing earth!

I know you are relaxing

Tiny drop of rain,

Inside the airy white, hearing the laugh

Yes, a laughing cloud!

I know you are dancing

Little bee,

Beside fresh colors, joining a prayer

Yes, a praying flower!

I know you are breathing

Little fish,

Deep in the wide blue, amazed by stories

Yes, the Historian Ocean!

I am sitting in my room

Seeing you all in the heart of my eye

Praising the work of God

Wishing to add more before I die

Talking tree

Singing earth

Laughing cloud

Praying flower; and

Historian Ocean

Let me join you, and be sublime

Praising Allah till the end of our time!

Author :- Sis Zoya Ahmad

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