Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Assalam and Hi Minna,
Done watched a very humble and real movie entitle Shinya Shokudo (Midnight Diner).That movie also had been aired in several episode of dramas in Nihon.Stories highlight relation of food and the character of person the chef meet.

I'm in love with the acoustic song named Omoide (mean Memories) by Suzuki Tsunekichi.It been in background of the movie most of the time and add a sentimental value to the movie.I love it!

The down-to-earth movie,enjoyable,my type of genre.I can say it was almost perfect,all out and make me happy..A bit of the song lyrics,memories too fading slowly into the sky;
"Omoide mo ano sora no naka ni ..Sukoshi zutsu kiete yuku"

The full lyrics translation:

Misty white breaths you exhale
Slowly blown by the wind now
Into the clouds in the sky
Gradually fading away

From up above the sky
White clouds reach down
To inhale your breaths
They continue to float away

Seems just like the distant past
Clouds passing over a flowing river

Avoiding the sun's reflection
Dogs sleep under the eaves
Memories too into the sky
Gradually, fading away

On the other side of the sky
Yet more blue space
In the emptiness of the sky
Clouds drifting by

Gradually, fading away

Please enjoy : Omoide

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