Thursday, June 9, 2016

Our time zone

Assalam and Hi minna..
Daijobu deska?

Went through one of my friend's wall and found out something interesting to share,

I'm in my own time zone,
people might saw my pace was slow,
but I do believe Allah had set everything right,
on right time and right condition.
I do believe in Allah's time.

If there other people have same issue as me,
as Allah had set everything in order,
we only live once,
and please live at your fullest,
for your Akhirah,
your long lasting resting place.

be a good Muslim though whatever things wanna set you apart..Just believe in HIM and His plan,

Bye for now..Ramadhan Kareem minna-san..Let improve our Iman on this month of barakah.Jaa' ne

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