Tuesday, September 27, 2016

After you


Upon checking through life,the good - better - the best , I had found out the combo of all three persona on this one guy.Little by little,life becoming weird.As thought I'm struggling to act normal so that he would not find my stupid and ugly side,those connection were just so normal and neutral.

He is the right guy,I believe.Bi idznillah,I hope and I prayed that he can accept all sides of me,as I really want to accept all of his.

Ya Allah,
Make us together be good toward each other
Let us be a completion of one another
Side by side walking through life
Towards knocking the gate of Your jannah,Ya Rabb.

I didn't dare to dream,as dreaming really a short period of unrealistic story.I hope this is not a dream,a very long dream already.And I hate long and many episodes of drama,because it torturing.

I had fear,fear of many things.
I'm afraid of failure,big failure
Undesirable whispering by syaitan always put me on those uncomfortable mode
I'm unlike others
I am a weirdo

To the selected man,please do not lead me to a failure
Please be kind
My present 'me' might just be a memories later
But I am fully thankful to you for what happening,and whatever that will happen later
Either good or bad,hope we see only Allah's mercy on it
As we only surrender to Him alone.

Grateful to Rabb much much much more
There are so much more to thanks Allah in my life,so much much much more.
Thanks God I found you,love.

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